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Grade K - 4
  Lesson Plan Name
Haiku Scrolls
New Zealand Art Of The Maori
Contemporary Triptychs Art
Gesture Sketches
Kokopelli Sculpture
Story Writing & Modeling Clay Figures
Landscape Painting the American Way
Glitter Under the Sea
Southwestern Concho Jewellary
Celebrating Fall
Chrismas Placemat
Picasso And Me
Faux Medals
Protect Marine Life
My Little Robot
Lis For Lady Bug
Golden Spiral Trees
Beyond The Box
Abstract Expression of Starry Night
Abstract Expression Of Landscape
Trees To The Power Of Three
Print Making Positive
Abstract Fun
Clay Duck Decoys
Clown Shapes Portrait
Fantasy with Miro Jan
Matisse Goldfish
Native American Storyteller Sculptures
Art You Can Play With
The Fauves Revisited
Patterns in Nature
Miro March
Cave Art
Scribbles with a Twist
Painterly Abstractions of Starry Night
Mondrian Shapes and Colors
Glittery Starry Night
2D & 3D Weaving
Collaged Tree Landscape
Dino Relief 
Kandinsky - Inspired by Music 
Mardi Gras Mask
Sculpture - Kokopelli
Snowflakes - Twitchell Way
Egyptian Jewelry
Blanket - Navajo Way
Rainforest Mural
Visual Self-Portrait in the style of "Quick-to-see-Smith"
"Pop Art" Images inspired by Andy Warhol
Klimt Portraits
Ships at Sea
Glass Jar Sand Art
Emperor Penguin Habitats
Paper Mola Collage
Dia de los Muertos
Taj Mahal Symmetry
Grade 5 - 8
  Lesson Plan Name
Contemporary Triptychs Art
Gesture Sketches
Kokopelli Sculpture
Southwestern Concho Jewellary
O’Keeffe’s Flowers
Thanksgiving Cornacopia
Polish Art Of Pisanka
Art Messages
Picasso Till Life
Abstract Weaving
Impressionism Monet Style
Ancient Egypt Meets Modern Times
Foil Rubbings
Oaxacan Style Mask
Figure In Motion
Lighthouse Sculpture
Silk Painting
Abstract Expressionism
City Lights
Flying Out the Window with Chagall
Hippy-Dippy Wrapping Paper
Pop Art Sculpture - Food
Printmaking - Insects
Stained Glass
Stuffed Sculpture-Native American Art
Totems of the Northwest Pacific
Didgeridoo - An Aboriginal Wind Instrument
Southwestern Concho Jewelry
Mixed Media
Nonobjective Art Empowered with Music
Picasso and Beyond
Picasso Style Abstract Portraits
Romare Bearden Photo Montage
Stuffed Sculpture
Personality Portrait ispired by the Druid Calendar of Trees
Japanese Daruma Sculpture
Japanese Carp Kite
Matisse Portraits
Owl Relief
Victorian Houses
Decorative Mask Inspired by Cultural Examples
Gesture Sketches
Kokopelli Sculpture
Grade 9 - 12
  Lesson Plan Name
Contemporary Triptychs Art
Jest For Fun
PV Flying Out the Window
Sargent Art Passion for Pattern
Gesture Sketches
Kokopelli Sculpture
Faux Cave Drawing
An Illuminating Letter Completed
Resist Collage
Textural Painting With Layered Painting
Stylized Acrylic Painting
Expressive Oil Pastel Portraits
Contour Line Drawings Convert to WarholLike Prints
Alternate Lesson
Portrait Pots
Metal Embossing
Soda Pop Art
Tromp L’oeil Watercolor Painting
Illuminated Manuscript Panel
Crayon + Water = Magic
Warhollike Color Study Target
Oil Techniques - Self Portraits
Roman Portrait Busts
Visual Interpretation of a Poem
Tile Relief - Tiger
Shadow Drawings
Color Value Study
Adinkra Cloth
Matisse Patterned Interior
Accordian Books
Flowers in a Glass Vase
Interpreting Art Media
Paint a Concert poster
Personal Cartouche
Personal Tryptych Altarpiece - Grades
Proportion - Freaky Faces
Style of Rouault
Escher Design
Expressive Self Portraits
Fiber Arts
Glitter Cards
Impressions of Nature
Mixed Media Monoprints
Object Realism
Watercolor Abstraction
Improvisation Surrealism
Realism and Idealism
Travel Poster
Mixed Media Multi Layered Monotypes
Sargent Art
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